In today’s modern world we accumulate so many material items, many of which have sentimental value and need to be stored in a safe place. In most houses, the attic becomes the main storage space for items that are no longer in use or are being retained to pass on to future generations. What if we told you that you could insulate your attic in a way that allowed you to make the very most of your storage space and protect those items that are most important to you and your family?

Spray Foam Insulation Dublin

With traditional fibreglass insulation, the insulation is laid at the attic floor level and can make safe storage problematic at times. This floor level insulation means that the temperature in your attic is quite low all year round and can become particularly cold in the winter months due to lack of insulation at roof level.

Spray foam insulation can be applied at roof level meaning the temperature of your attic is warmer than outside during the winter and cooler than outside in the summer. There is no heat lost through the roof. This innovative insulation means that you never have to worry about moisture damage, mould or pests. Spray foam insulation transforms the attic into another useful room in your house.

When we store items in an attic that has been insulated with fibreglass, we can weaken and damage the insulation; this results in inefficiencies and can really have an impact on the heating of your home.

Spray Foam Insulation Benefits

Why choose spray foam insulation for your attic storage space?

  • Spray foam insulation can be applied at roof level, meaning your home is insulated from the rafters and not just from the attic floor.
  • This space saving insulation alternative can be applied in all nooks and crannies, meaning there are no small spaces through which heat is lost.
  • Once applied, spray foam insulation hardens. This means that pests such as mice cannot nest in the insulation, which is a common problem with fibreglass. The solid spray foam also covers any holes that pests may otherwise enter through.
  • When insulation is applied at roof level, this frees up the floor space in your attic, allowing you to lay flooring and therefore giving you a great space for a perfectly organised storage room.
  • If you want a space that will keep your valuable items free from pest and protected from dampness, spray foam insulation is the perfect option.
  • Items stored will remain in good condition in a spray foam insulated attic.
  • Temperature in the attic remains regulated, as no heat is lost through the roof.
  • Spray foam insulation makes your home more energy efficient – no heat lost in the attic due to damaged insulation caused by heavy storage.
  • Lower energy bills.
  • Store books, clothes and family heirlooms without fear of damage caused by dampness, mould or pests.

Increased Attic Storage

How does this work?

When spray foam insulation is applied at roof level, the floor of your attic is left free to use as you wish. Here at Lovinsulation we place a vent card system between the rafters and then spray the insulation onto the cards. This process means that air can still circulate in the space between the felt and foam in accordance with building regulations.

To learn more about spray foam insulation and how it can help you make the most of your attic space, please feel free to get in touch with a member of the Lovinsulation team.


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