In this blog post we are going to address an issue that we see frequently with many of our clients in the Dublin and Kildare area. Is your attic conversion cold, are you losing heat or experiencing high energy bills due to insufficient insulation? These are common complaints for those who have converted their attics without using spray foam insulation.

Let’s talk about why this happens!

In most cases, builders and construction experts do a perfect job when it comes to insulation, however, they do use traditional fiberglass insulation, which unfortunately has a limited lifespan. With fiberglass insulation, you can expect to have full insulation efficiency for a maximum of 15 years, in some cases this can be greatly reduced due to sagging, poor installation or gaps appearing in the framework of the conversion due to the natural movement of the wood.

Spray Foam Insulation for your Attic Conversion

These are some of the main reasons why your insulation may not be providing you with the heat retention you require:

  • Incorrect insulation product used initially.
  • The fibreglass insulation used has begun to lose its efficiency.
  • Gaps have appeared between the insulation and the timber.
  • Insulation applied to sloped areas has completely fallen away.
  • Sagging has occurred, leaving parts of the structure vulnerable to heat loss.
  • When insulation boards were initially installed, there were gaps left between the timber and the boards.
  • Expanding or shrinking of timbers due to fluctuations in temperature can leave gaps between insulation and walls/boards.

It’s important to note that your original installer is not to blame for most of the above occurrences. When fibreglass insulation is used, most of the above issues will manifest at some stage, as this is the nature of the product.

Heating your Attic Conversion Dublin and Kildare

Heating your Attic Conversion – Available in Dublin and Kildare

How we can remedy these issues?

Here at Lovinsulation we use open cell spray foam to insulate your attic conversion. Spray foam insulation will not require upgrading during your lifetime and is designed to allow air to circulate freely whilst keeping your attic space protected from the elements. The application of spray foam insulation means that you never have to worry about gaps appearing or insulation losing its efficiency over time. In sloped and hard to reach corners and nooks, spray foam insulation provides 100% insulation, ensuring you never have to worry about heat loss.

For those of you who have an attic conversion that is cold and uncomfortable to spend time in, let the experts here at Lovinsulation put things right.

  • Free consultation and site visit to determine why your attic conversion is losing heat. You have absolutely no obligation to purchase our services with this consultation.
  • Once our investigation is complete, we will present you with a solution that will ensure your attic conversion is insulated to the very highest standard.

Some of the steps we take to ensure a top class solution to your insulation issues:

  • Our goal is to make your attic air tight and protected from the elements (whilst always allowing air to circulate) so we will conduct an initial assessment to find out where heat is being lost.
  • If some of the insulation you have installed is in good condition we will always advise that you keep this in place. We can work around good insulation and seal your attic, this will save you precious time and money and will provide you with a perfect heat loss solution.
  • Where the current insulation is simply too old to be of use, we will provide you with a full attic insulation solution.
  • If strong fibreglass is already in place, we can spray between the studs/ rafters to ensure full protection and to close any gaps that may have appeared.

Spray Foam Insulation Dublin and Kildare

If you are based in the Dublin/Kildare area and are experiencing heat loss in your attic conversion, the team here at Lovinsulation would love to hear from you. We offer a full consultation free of charge to determine where you are losing heat in your home. All consultations are conducted by a spray foam expert and there is absolutely no obligation for you to purchase at any time. To learn more about spray foam insulation and its many benefits, please feel free to browse our website or get in touch directly by calling (086) 4068379.

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