Preparation for Spray Foam Insulation

Preparation for Spray Foam Insulation


Now that you have had your attic assessed by Lovinsulation and have booked us to provide you with our spray foam insulation services, there are a few things you may need to do to prepare.


H1: Spray Foam Insulation Dublin


Please be aware that our spray foam installation team will need access to every area of your attic, all corners will need to be accessible. Many of our clients like to use this preparation time to declutter, donate to charity or have a general clear out of items that may not have been used in many years. For those of you who may have been putting off clearing out your attic space, now is a good time to rent a skip and get your friends and family over for a big clear out or a neighbourhood yard sale!


Move anything that can be moved


Prior to the arrival of the Lovinsulation spray foam team at your home, it is imperative that you clear the way so that we can gain access to all areas of your attic. Move anything that can be safely moved out of the attic. For large or heavy items that may pose some difficulty moving, we would advise that you move these to the very centre of your attic space and group together. We will cover these items in their entirety with polythene plastic and ensure they are not exposed to any spray.


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If you have furniture stored in your attic that is difficult to move, simply pull these away from the wall and leave as large a space as possible for us to work in. We will cover your furniture to ensure it does not come into contact with spray foam.


Clean the Attic Space


One of the best things you can do to prepare for the installation of spray foam insulation in your attic is to clean the areas where the foam is to be applied. In most cases a sweep or vacuum will be enough, however if you have areas of thick dust, these can be cleaned using a damp cloth in the days before our arrival.


Clear all Access Ways


The Lovinsulation team will be arriving with some bulky equipment and will need to have clear access to your attic. To ensure there are no delays, we would advise that you clear all access ways. This may include stairwells, pathways and halls.


H3: Spray Foam Insulation Meath


During the installation process, the Lovinsulation team would advise that you and your family and pets are not in the home. We will open all windows and seal the attic when we are finished and you and your family can then re-enter the premises.


Our Preparation


We also have our own preparation checklist for each home or attic we insulate. The very first thing we will do upon arrival is cover the floors in your attic and stairwell, this will ensure that spray foam doesn’t make contact with any unnecessary areas. We will then cover any items remaining in the attic such as large heavy items, your water tank, any electrical boxes and Velux windows. The only exposed areas will be the areas that require spray foam insulation.


If you have any questions about our processes or require any extra information about spray foam insulation preparation, please feel free to get in touch..


Lovinsulation provide spray foam insulation services across Dublin, Meath and Kildare and will be happy to travel to your premises to provide a free consultation and quotation. Give us a call today to learn how spray foam insulation can make a real difference to your carbon footprint and your heating bills.

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